Why so picky with dating

Posted by / 02-May-2017 21:58

Why so picky with dating

I would’ve always wondered if someone better for me was out there.And even more importantly, I wouldn’t have had the crucial years I spent single, building my dream career.It was given to me by random people on Twitter when I wrote about my policy of only dating feminists.

Men will be attracted to most women just because they are women. Even if a woman is average or homely even..men will find a woman attractive just because she is a woman. Whereas those men won't mind going out with them in a heartbeat.

It’s rare to see TV shows or movies that celebrate single women who aren’t trying to alter their relationship statuses.

Many still believe that if a woman is single, she’s looking to change that as soon as possible.

People give this advice based on the belief that there are leagues – with the most privileged at the top – and that people should date within their leagues.

It also stems from the notion that our oppressive beauty standards are objective, and therefore, certain people will be attractive to very few.

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“Most guys don’t really get feminism, so you can’t be too picky.” I’m venting to a friend about a guy I’m newly dating and thinking of calling it quits with.