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Vbscript runas for validating credentials

The machine being installed on may or may not be a member of a domain. Install Script Sd Show Msg("Validating Windows Domain Account Credentials.....", TRUE); sz Ssp Logon Exe = "ssplogon.exe"; sz Ssp Logon Log = "ssplogon.log"; // Usage: \Domain Users" S-1-5-21-XXXXXXXXXX-XXXXXXXXX-XXXXXXXXXX-XXXX [Group 2] = "Everyone" S-1-1-0 [Group 3] = "BUILTIN\Administrators" S-1-5-32-544 [Group 4] = "BUILTIN\Users" S-1-5-32-545 [Group 5] = "NT AUTHORITY\INTERACTIVE" S-1-5-4 [Group 6] = "NT AUTHORITY\Authenticated Users" S-1-5-11 [Group 7] = "LOCAL" S-1-2-0 SID Written by Christophe Robert([email protected]). ds Root = "Win NT://domain/userid" set wsh Shell = Wscript. Shell") set ds Obj = Get Object(ds Root) For Each Prop In dsobj.groups wshshell.popup Prop. Is Member("Win NT://account domain/" & User) = true Then wscript. I need to have the user enter an Administrator's id and password to use for a runas setting in one of my applications in the setup. You can use the ADSI Win NT Provider to find out if the winnt user is a member of the Admin group for the local computer. For the local user the domain name is the computername. scid=kb;en-us;279815One significant hurdle I have to deal with is that the UID/PWD being provided is not necessarily (and most often not) the information for the currently-logged in user.VBS'v1.2 March 2001'Jeffery Hicks'[email protected] cscript|wscript VBRUNAS. VBS Username Password Command'DESC: A RUNAS replacement to take password at a command prompt.'NOTES: This is meant to be used for local access.If you want to run a command'across the network as another user, you must add the /NETONLY switch to the RUNAS 'command.' *********************************************************************************' * THIS PROGRAM IS OFFERED AS IS AND MAY BE FREELY MODIFIED OR ALTERED AS *' * NECESSARY TO MEET YOUR NEEDS.This link shows how to achieve what we do: simply perform most of the steps then remove the forced prompt. We know from experience that credential manager is faster (there might be more ways to login we are unaware of), we just don't have a way to do it in code.

Another alternative is to hardcode the command, username and password in the script, then use the Script Encoder (download from to encode it.

function Is Logged In As Admin() is Admin = false set shell = Create Object("WScript. Expand Environment Strings("%computername%") str Admin = "\" & computername & "\Admin$\System32" is Admin = false set fso = Create Object("Scripting. Folder Exists(str Admin) then is Admin = true end if Is Logged In As Admin = is Admin end function Ive tried Tim C's solution on a Windows 7 box on my company network where I do actually have admin rights. Instead I used a hackier method, as calling "defrag" in the cmd prompt requires admin access.

While it works, be wary that XP and 7 (and possibly future versions of Windows) differ in the return code.


*' * DO NOT USE IN A PRODUCTION ENVIRONMENT UNTIL YOU HAVE TESTED IN A SECURED LAB *' * ENVIRONMENT. *' *********************************************************************************On Error Resume Nextdim Wsh Shell,o Args, FSOset o Args=wscript.

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It took me several weeks of searching before I found this and it surprised me that no one had posted something similar so here it is.-----------Runas Replacement RUNAS in Windows 2000 is nice, but not very script friendly.

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