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Tajikistan dating site org

Civil society participation is actively engaged in HIV and tuberculosis activities.The estimated TB incidence in Tajikistan is the fifth highest among 53 countries in the European region.The country has also one of the highest drug-resistant TB burdens in the region.Grants contribute to supporting the national program to fight TB drug-sensitive and drug-resistant cases, and to bolstering the national health system reform.

Since then, OXUS Tajikistan has developed the portfolio it inherited from ACTED.

General Council Decision WT/L/160/Rev.1 of 26 July 1996), which only affect documents circulated prior to 2002.

OXUS story began in 1997 in Tajikistan, just as the country emerged from a fierce civil war.

In order to best meet the specific needs of its clients OXUS Tajikistan currently offers 7 different types of products (individual business loans, group loan products, individual agro livestock loan products, individual agro horticultural roduct, external consumer loan products, express loans and internal consumer loan products), with individual loans accounting for 80% of the affiliate’s outstanding loan balance against 20% for group loan products.

Since inception OXUS Tajikistan has focused on operations in rural areas where 82% of clients live and work.

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