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At the end of the episode, we see Elliot and Krista talking about Elliot’s mental state and his perception, and as they go on, the scenery around them starts to look a bit more institutional in nature.

And that was when it hit me, like a bolt of lighting to the temple – BLAM!

Here we see two characters lowering their guard a bit with one another, and although it was still a chilly interchange, it provided an interesting counterpoint in such a contentious episode.

And that brings us to Episode 7, “Handshake,” or what I like to call, This episode was exceptional from beginning to end, and brought back the Season 1 tradition of packing multiple twists and reveals into a single episode for maximum impact.

Much like Season 1’s eighth episode “Whiterose,” “Handshake” contained multiple reveals that cast the season in a brand new light, including: (1) that Ray started the black market website with his deceased wife, (2) that Elliot did indeed murder Tyrell Wellick at the end of Season 1, and (3) that Elliot’s new friend Leon works for Whiterose and the Dark Army, and is capable of perpetrating tremendous violence to protect Elliot from harm.Joanna Wellick is another character who demonstrates this dynamic well, as she is a master of assuming a proper public identity while committing heinous acts behind closed doors.But although the episode was called “Logic Bomb,” I felt that her actions here were rather illogical, and certainly not in line with the way her character has been portrayed thus far in the series.It was trademark surrealist humor, and was a study in contradictions – being both joyful and dark, revealing and mysterious. Robot’s way of shielding Elliot from the physical torture he is currently enduring at the hands of Ray and his crew, and the dream was thematically inspired by the booming TV in the hospital room he is being kept in.As a viewer, I couldn’t help but smile at how clever it all was.

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The reveal that Ray is running a Silk-Road-esque black market website that allows users to peddle illegal drugs, guns and even human sex slaves was hard to watch, but I couldn’t help but enjoy the fact that the show started surprising me again.

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