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Sex dating in okmulgee oklahoma

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Officials have said publicly that accelerated releases of inmates through restored credits did not represent a policy change, only a more efficient use of existing policy.

In August, two-thirds of prisons were officially over capacity, in part because about 3,000 state inmates had been moved from county jails into prisons.

Prisons also were full because efforts to reduce incarceration, such as a Justice Reinvestment Initiative offering alternative treatment for nonviolent offenders, had stalled, advocates of the initiative said.

• Officials decided that a state law banning inmates convicted of drug trafficking from getting credits does not apply to those convicted of aggravated drug trafficking, a worse crime.

Aggravated means an additional factor was involved, such as a large amount of drugs – 1,000 pounds vs.

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The Okmulgee Police Department currently employs 27 full-time officers, ranging from a chief to several patrolmen.

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