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Raw tube dating

On occasion this happens and one resorts to the use as animal feed or alcohol making, when feasible. Damaged, undersized fruit of unattractive appearance, and presence of foreign matter.As far as dates are concerned the raw material for derived products is mainly found in the last area (c), or, in certain circumstances, in combination with a surplus situation (b) of usually the more common date varieties.However, there are situations where a use of part of the fruit flesh is indicated in order to utilize the raw stock to the best advantage.Three areas which stimulate such use of fruits can be distinguished: a.

To create the best conditions for an optimum extraction (least cost commensurate with best quality and highest yield) at an industrial level several factors have to be taken into account.For all these products dates are mixed with water in order to facilitate the separation of the desirable and undesirable components of the date.For some products the added water will be incorporated in the final product such as for soft drinks and date wine; in others, water is added in such an amount as to create the right medium for the subsequent production process.If a heavier slurry is employed the demarcations are less pronounced because of less difference in specific gravity on which the centrifuge action is based.For the sake of choosing and understanding the technologies to be applied for the separation of the different components of the date flesh use is made of the following composition parameters: Total weight (T) ) Moisture (M) ) T = M TS Total solids (TS) ) Non-soluble solids (NSS) ) TS = NSS SS Soluble solids (SS) ) Sugars (S) ) SS = S SNS Soluble non-sugar (SNS) ) Table 13 gives an overview of the major possibilities for derived date products.

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This has brought about a number of extraction processes, in which the retention time, cost of investment, residual losses, sugar concentration are balanced to arrive at a minimal overall unit cost for the extracted date juice.

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