Primitive nails dating dating an older white man

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Primitive nails dating

From hot pink to traditional French and Lady Gaga's sophisticated designs, manicured nails have become the grammar of fashion.Scientists have now recovered and analyzed the oldest fossil evidence of fingernails in modern primates, confirming the idea nails developed with small body size and disproving previous theories nails evolved with an increase in primate body size.Nails were primarily imported from England, right up until the Revolution.Around the 1790’s, American inventors had prototyped the first nail making machines.

By the early 1820’s, nail-making machines had become so efficient that America soon became the world’s leading manufacturer and exporter of nails.

"The appearance of the first modern primates in North America co-occurred with the appearance of other modern mammals such as horses, and it's all associated with a major global warming event," said co-author Stephen Chester, a Yale University doctoral student and research associate at UF.

"It in part set the stage for what we see today in terms of modern mammalian biodiversity." Less than 6 inches long, i was omnivorous, Bloch said.

"The finding of this animal and the concentrated effort of this period of time might be one of those things where the closer you look, the less you know," said Gregg Gunnell, director of the Division of Fossil Primates at the Duke Lemur Center.

"But any time we have the opportunity to add more morphological information to analyze the relationships of animals to answer these biogeographic questions, we can hopefully get closer and closer to an understanding of what led to this big radiation (diversification) of primates in the first place." Study co-authors also include Rachel Dunn of Johns Hopkins University and Doug Boyer of Brooklyn College, City University of New York.

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******* Most of us are familiar with the old square nails used centuries ago.

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