Old spice commercial guy dating

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Therefore, he must have a clear idea of what that means and we would like to hear it.An apology is great, but we're not quite sure Mustafa knows what he's sorry about.Mustafa is widely known as the main character in the series of Old Spice television commercials, The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.

The Levis 501 Guy Note to AAA: Please hire a slew of men just like this one to respond to all calls for roadside assistance.He's hot, sweaty perfection..in tighty whities (hey, it was the 80s).The Listerine Guy Who knew mouthwash could be so pervy?' " So what's most likely to keep it coming from the Man Who Smells Like the Man Your Man Could Smell Like? Don't miss the video below -- it's awesome. Mustafa pointed it out to the folks who follow him on Twitter.

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