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The test was with an unmanned underwater drone in international waters and somehow it got into the hands of the Chinese.

He has done a lot more in this short time than the Obama administration can even manage.For some people, the worst comes out when they are under stress.President Obama is under a lot of stress, having predicted budgetary Armageddon and failed to stir the Republican House on the sequester.Obama reportedly thanked her for the question, then reiterated his administration's anti-bullying work (which includes contributing a message to the It Gets Better campaign) and spoke in general about the importance of values.Gaga — who, according to reports, wore "a black dress, scalloped high plunge back and high heels ...

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And sure enough, we see the worst aspects of his character and his presidency. Now that he is sending out his Cabinet officials to scare the public he finally is being called on it.

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