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Even when I wrote it, I didn’t think it would be a guide. And so at that level you realize was about being in this power relationship—ok, you’re safe because you’re in control, you’re not being vulnerable. The guys would practice taking photos with each other to see how they could look more dominant in a photo.

The first chapter (UNEDITED) of each of my books is posted on here for your reading pleasure.

But now coming out of the other side of it, I can see how there were maybe unconscious forces operating on me that made me so obsessed, and even when I thought “the game” was over, that it still had this hold on me. It’s more controversial now than when it came out, and I think that’s a good thing for society. Gilsinan: I’m reading this book 10 years ago as a female person.

Gilsinan: It’s amazing to think of such a book coming out now and what the reaction to it might have been. Gilsinan: A lot of the criticism was, well, men are afraid of women’s sexuality, and the response to that is, yeah, obviously. To me at least, that’s entirely why this pickup community exists. To me, the biggest shock of my life, was how, myself who wrote , Tucker Max, who, well, is Tucker Max—what do we all have in common? It did have the sort of hopeful implication, that everyone’s afraid to talk to attractive people and just to strangers more generally, but you can follow this set of rules and you’re basically guaranteed to get laid.

What do you think that says about the utility of the techniques for banging lots of women versus finding someone who likes you without your having to use tricks on them?

Strauss: Yeah, so if you’re going to talk to me today about it versus then, right? Of course there was a dominant therapist to quote unquote emasculate me, so of course it was rough for me. If it was a movie, it would have been, act out sexually, go crazy, go to rehab and get better, but in real life—and it drove me nuts with the book, too—it’s true, I went to rehab, I found everything that was wrong with me, understood it, and still kept engaging in the same horrible bad behavior. Gilsinan: One of my favorite moments [in ] is towards the end, where one of your friends in the pickup-artist community starts to dissect your game.

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