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They do not want to share their sexual orientation with their parents because they feel that it would be too much for them to bear on top of their disability.

Other young gay people do not feel it is such a big deal, Kaufman says.

“It turned out that James had cerebral palsy affecting his speech capacity,” says Lock.

“He was an older gay man living in an extended care facility, and was very, very lonely.

“Of those in wheelchairs, there seems to be a higher comfort level with those with paralysis, for instance, than with those with cerebral palsy or advanced MS,” Lock adds, noting that this tendency is reflected also in the heterosexual community.

Kaufman says they wrote the book because there were so few resources on sex and disability.

” Lock feels some gay disabled people are more “acceptable” within gay communities than others.

“People seem far less uncomfortable around people who are Deaf, for instance, than they do around those in a wheelchair.” This perhaps is because, or why, the gay Deaf community is quite visible in some Canadian cities.

But James had to cope with some care’s negative reaction towards his sexual orientation.

One person continually tried to press religious literature on him.

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People like Cory Silverberg are working to change that.

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