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Leonardo di caprio ellen page dating

example of someone doing exactly what they want to do,” Gordon-Levitt said. I think that goes to show that more than ever there’s room for quality and challenging things to become popular.

Sure, there’s still a lot of stupid stuff out there but things are changing, I think.

With considerable trepidation, he left the cast and acting to pursue studies at Columbia University.The time in New York propelled him back toward acting in 2004 with a resolve to work only in high-quality and indie fare.His work in “Brick,” “Stop-Loss” and, especially, has given a new trajectory to his career and made him restless at the same time.And I’d say that Ellen and I are also examples.” He looked at Page sitting next to him.“Ten years ago, do you think that you and me would be in this position we’re in, in a huge summer movie?

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I think other things, beautiful things, are much more popular now but the executives at the big media corporations cant keep track of it all because their system isn’t built to do that. Gordon-Levitt said the feverish attention to scandal these days is the last-gasp effort by old media to hold on to an audience and that as content control shifts “to the people” the tone will change; yes, in essence, his view is that the Internet will save us from gossip.