Kandyse mcclure dating

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Kandyse mcclure dating

Jeremiah and Kurdy learn that Lee Chen is a spy who's been keeping information about the Big Death from Markus.They soon learn of a group of adults who had natural immunity to the Big Death and have been collecting information about the disease's origin and imminent return... Markus attempts to hold a huge meeting of community leaders in St.

Jeremiah and Kurdy meet a man who believes himself to be a superhero.

Jeremiah and Kurdy meet a woman who is saving up gasoline to try sailing her boat across the ocean while they are in a town trying to track down one of their predecessor's contacts.

They also encounter mysterious people in biohazard suits who are burning down settlements.

Season 2 deals with the impending conflict between the unifying survivor communities under Thunder Mountain, and the advancing Army of Daniel.

Although a third season was considered, series creator J.

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