Hara kara dating dating love site in ua 2016

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Hara kara dating

" On Friday, Goo Hara's label addressed the dating rumors pressed against the two idols."Goo Hara went to Lotte World with G-Dragon, Sulli, and Ga In simply because they are close.(Taiwan interview, September 2011)★ “I envy them in some ways.

The four idols likely tried to hide their identities as they were pictured wearing masks and caps.

(Post)♡ In MBC’s All the K-POP on September 21st (2012) KARA members had to send a message to their “future husband”. ) saying “boyfriend” instead of “husband” and quickly fixed the situation (lol).

Although it seems that her message is really for Junhyung.

The controversy even received mixed response from the fans of the two artists.

Many were shocked upon hearing the dating rumors, while others thought the idea was absurd.

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Because Sulli and Ga-In already are dating, and because men and women apparently can’t just hang out, some are speculating the group outings is because GD is dating Hara, but her agency denied it. But then again, to celebrities, having no comments is scarier to hate comments ㅋㅋㅋ 8.

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