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Gaylinkdating com

The Globe's bare-bones web site does not contain the shocking article, so I've key in prime excerpts from it, so more folks can have a few good laughs: Osama bin Laden was gay but hid his shocking secret from his fanatical followers beause he feared they'd turn against him, sources tell the Globe in a bombshell world exclusive.Although the terrorist kingpin took no fewer than five wives and fathered at least 20 children, it was all desperate bid to cover up his true sexual preference for men, the sources add. Afterward, I took him to a restaurant where we shared a booth.About the only grain of gay-related truth in the piece is that there is indeed a Ripcord bar for the leather/Levis/S&M crowd.Their web site says they've been around 25-years, proudly serving the local community.

The answer is just under three weeks, thanks to the Globe tabloid with the May 30 cover date.Faced with homophobic comments and attempts by his opponents to link gays and lesbians to paedophilia, Alexeyev somewhat petulantly walked out of the debate.Taking his place for the last part of the TV show – and doing a far better job in arguing for an end to discrimination against all sexual minorities – was a socialist feminist, Yevgenia Otto.But then he said 'club.' That's when I realized he was looking for the Ripcord Club, Houston's infamous leather boy disco."I had no intention of going there, so I paid for a taxi to take him and assumed he had a great time." ...

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The strategy of Nikolai Alexeyev, the main organiser of Moscow’s gay marches, to appeal for Russian authorities to obey European laws on equal rights but not to link up the struggle for equality with a wider alliance of social protest movements, seems to be coming unstuck.

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