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Your "fault" will not be considered in determining whether or not you are entitled to maintenance, but it could result in a substantial reduction of your award.

Be very careful and seek competent legal counsel if this troublesome matter concerns you.

Only the fault of the party seeking maintenance will be considered.

The fault of the party against whom maintenance is sought, on the other hand, will generally not be considered.

Permanent Maintenance Permanent maintenance is just what it sounds like.

It is maintenance paid by one spouse to the other for life.

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Rehabilitative maintenance is often used to finish a college degree or gain advanced training in order to assist the disadvantaged spouse in becoming self-sufficient.However, the change usually must be more than just a temporary one.Close-ended maintenance, on the other hand, is a "lump sum" maintenance that is not modifiable.A Spouse's Special Needs All of these special needs are expensive and many can be included in the calculation of maintenance: Your Medical Records It is possible that your attorney will need to obtain a copy of your medical records from your doctor, psychologist, therapist or other provider to prove your claim for maintenance.Important Reasons to Demand Maintenance Disparity of income and length of marriage which requires rehabilitation money to the disadvantaged spouse.

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