Dating le duc

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Dating le duc

The freestone used to build them gives them a very particular colour and an atmosphere all their own.The uniformity of the architecture has been beautifully preserved by making this a “conservation area”, ensuring that the buildings come under the protection of architects at the Bâtiments de France authority.Although he also worked in wood, he preferred the soft limestone available from quarries around Saint-Mihiel and Sorcy and by developing new polishing techniques he was able to give the limestone a marble-like appearance.

As its name indicates, it was once the capital of the Duchy of Bar and it is filled with fantastic buildings and historic features that take you on a journey back through time.

He also executed some funerary statues including the statue on the tomb of René de Chalon, the Prince of Orange, killed in 1544 at the Battle of Saint-Dizier, located in the church of Saint-Étienne in Bar-le-Duc, this a macabre exercise in "écorché".

From 1530 onwards Richier worked under the protection of Duke Antoine of Lorraine, for whom he did important work.

Richier remained in Geneva until his death in 1567.

Just as little is known of Richier's personal life, as a consequence of the scarcity of records available, the attribution of works to him faces the same constraints and often relies on the scholarship of people such as Paul Denis, particularly his thesis "l’artiste et son œuvre" published in Paris and Nancy in 1911.

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A good example of the scarcity of information available is the extent to which researchers have relied on the writing of the Troyes pilgrim Chatourop, recorded through the writings of dom Calmet, for information on the works at Notre Dame in Bar-le-Duc and Saint Pierre in Saint Mihiel.

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