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2017 Hamas modified its position on Israel after reconciling with the Palestinian Authority.(October 26) Palestinian reconciliation is a step toward peace.Those who believe in a two-state solution, and lament the possibility it has become less likely, should direct their criticism at the Palestinians’ growing radicalism, which threatens the well-being of their own people and the security of Israel.People of good will on all sides of the political spectrum recognize the difficulties Palestinians experience living under Israeli rule, and many would like to see the establishment of a Palestinian state coexisting beside Israel.(October 5) Hamas Does not use Schools as Civilian Shields.(September 28) The Iran Nuclear Agreement is Working.

Ironically, at a time when Arab refugees are being welcomed around the world (albeit sometimes reluctantly by Western societies), Palestinian refugees remain unwanted in lands where they share the same language, religion and culture.

Numerous proponents of Palestinian rights, however, are selective in their concern for the Palestinian people.

The anti-Semitic BDS campaign advocates, along with many other sympathizers who cry crocodile tears for the Palestinians on campus and in the media, only care about Palestinian-Jewish interactions.

(October 19) Israel denies health care and medical supplies to Gaza.

(October 9) Israel’s universities are complicit in the “occupation” and should be boycotted.

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One longstanding example is the complete lack of interest in the treatment of Palestinians in refugee camps in Arab states.

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