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Niels: She wasn't just hiding [her intelligence] for the camera. Were things cool between you and Cecille before that, Jennylee?

Jennylee: Things were always cool between me and Cecille. Did you drop your Ph D program entirely to be a dating coach? [] was a chance to step back and look at my life from the perspective of an outside observer, and I realized I wasn't happy in my Ph D program, and as a result I put it on hold.

That one day in the house [when we sent two couples to elimination], when everything went haywire, on TV it's all compressed to five or 10 minutes. There were other times when the editing was making things more fun, though. Niels, what from your makeover are you sticking with? So putting a little bit of effort into how you present yourself is a really worthwhile thing to do. Jennylee: I hope there's going to be lots of fun stuff in my future. We're going to be in Las Vegas for the [reunion] episode, on the 21st, at Tao in the Venetian, and we'd love for all of your readers to come!

Jennylee: Ring-card girls warn you of the next round.

I come out in a bikini, and I also do promotions with their clothing and apparel.

Jenny still thinks I'm wrong in this, but that was my opinion. It seems like Ceci hides her intelligence pretty well.

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Eventually I want to do something a little more entrepreneurial, where I'll have the freedom and flexibility to be in charge of my own life.

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