Allegation chatman pokey sex

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Allegation chatman pokey sex

Now there's someone who should be barred from any contact with the young because she's dishonest, manipulative and cruel.That Chatman should even have to consider "other career options" when she is so brilliant at what she does breaks my heart. Bobby Knight does hit and physically manhandle his players, is incredibly verbally abusive to them and to everyone around him, and he is still a head coach of a powerful program.I'm not saying that Chatman has done nothing wrong here, by a long shot.But what, if anything, have you heard as to Berry's motive as to disclosure some time after the fact as one of seeking revenge, LTF?But she's not: she's a smart, black lesbian, and she has got to go.

Who changed the wording of Chatman's statement and why?Also, I have read from various LSU boards and bloggers that Berry's alleged motivation was one of a jealous -ex.Also, that the 'sufficient facts' brought to LSU's attention were Berry and Chatman's rumored relationship years ago when Berry played for LSU.Since everyone else is talking in euphemisms, your Dr.Radical will be blunt: she is being fired because she is a lesbian, and she probably wouldn't have been anywhere near so vulnerable (there are a great many top college basketball coaches who are known to be lesbians, at least one of whom is married to a gay man and whose long-term partner is an assistant on her staff) if she weren't black.

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